10 Simple Garden Path Ideas


As professional landscapers in the UAE, we understand that paths are an important feature of any well-designed garden. Garden paths provide hassle-free entrances and connect outdoor spaces. Over the years, we’ve installed many garden paths in our landscaping projects across the UAE. We’ve seen how the right pathway service can improve an outdoor area.

In this article, we’ll share 10 simple garden path ideas based on our clients’ best reviews. From classic to creative designs, these garden paths offer aesthetic functionality. Here are the tried-and-tested ideas that have impressed our clients and delivered lasting results in the UAE’s rough climate.

1. Curvy Paths:

curvy garden path ideas
Image Source: Garden Life

Instead of straight lines, wind the paths through your garden in gentle curves. This adds amusing quality and makes the space feel larger as you can’t see the entire path from any one viewpoint. These curving paths are made of materials like stone, brick, or gravel.

Tips for DIY enthusiasts: Use a hose or rope to map out the desired curved shape, then install edging and fill with path material.

2. Front Door Paths:

Front door path in Rosa Arabian Ranches Project by AV Landscaping

The path leading to your home’s entrance should be both functional and decorative. Use materials like interlocking tiles, brick pavers, or flagstones in complementary colors. Flank the path with low-growing plants, short hedges, or potted flowers for attraction.

DIY Tips: Map path dimensions, install edging, lay path base, and then pavers in the desired pattern.

3. Gravel Paths:

Pebble/Gravel Path by AV Landscaping in Saheel Arabian Ranches

Among the easiest and most economical options. The gravel path is affordable, easy to install, and drains well. Start by installing landscape edging to contain the gravel, then cover the pathway area with a weed-preventing fabric. Finish by spreading a 2-4 inch layer of gravel in colors like buff, gray, or red to blend with your garden theme.

DIY Tips: Lay landscape fabric, install edging, spread, and level gravel.

4. Stepping Stone Paths:

Stepping Stone Path in Jumeirah Park Project by AV Landscaping

Stepping stone paths add functionality to your garden. These paths are great for creating a natural, playful look. They can also be used to break up large areas of gravel or pavers. To make it easier to mow and prevent tripping, dig out space between each stone. The shape of your stones will determine whether this path is informal or trendy.

DIY Tips: Remove sod/soil where stones will be placed and level, and set stones spacing apart.

5. Patterned Paving Paths:

patterned path
10 Simple Garden Path Ideas 12

Take basic paving stones and arrange them in eye-catching patterns like herringbone, running bond, or circular designs. The patterns help guide visitors through the landscape. These types of pathways are commonly made from single materials like brick or concrete pavers laid in patterns.

DIY Tips: Prepare base, and lay pavers in running bond, herringbone, or other pattern.

6. Edged Paths:

edged path idea by avlandscaping
Image Source: This Old House

To give paths a crisp, manicured appearance, contain them with edging materials like brick edgers, logs, recycled plastic lumber, or metal landscape edging. Edging separates paths from surrounding grass or planting beds.

DIY Tips: Install edging along path dimensions to contain gravel/pavers.

7. Mixed Material Paths:

mixed material path
Images Source: Pinterest

Don’t be afraid to combine multiple materials like brick, stone, concrete pavers, and gravel to add variety, texture, and zest. The contrasting elements create an artful, high-end garden path design.

DIY Tips: Define areas for each material and install section-by-section.

8. Raised Wooden Path or Boardwalk:

This garden path idea is great for uneven areas or long, narrow gardens, a raised wooden path makes a functional feature. As it is constructed with posts and planks, it provides a stable walkway and maximizes planting space. A boardwalk allows you to walk across wet areas without getting your feet wet.

DIY Tips: Build framed walkway with planks screwed to frame.

9. Woodland Paths:

This path idea is great if you have a shady garden. A bark woodchip pathway can give your garden a more natural appearance. To create the path, use split logs or branches that have been felled. Use wood chips from the trimmings of trees and pruning’s to cover surfaces, small branches as edging, and logs as battens or posts.

DIY Tips: Clear the area, and cover it with a 3-4 inch layer of bark/mulch.

10. Mowed Paths:

mowed path
Image Source: Adobe Stock

One of the simplest options is to mow a garden path through tall grass or ground cover. Mowed paths are simple to maintain, they are cool and wildlife friendly, as well as being good drainage. This creates a beautiful look with almost no installation cost. These paths can be straight or winding paths.

DIY Tips: Mow a path using a lawnmower or line trimmer.

These ideas will hopefully inspire you to create beautiful and functional paths for your landscape. The paths are what connect outdoor areas. Alove Vera Landscaping can help you with anything from designing paths to installing gardens. We are available across the UAE to provide our wide range of landscaping services. Our team is highly skilled in creating landscape gardens and swimming pool construction.

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