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Welcome to our Garden Lighting Service page! Illuminate your outdoor oasis with our expert garden lighting solutions. From highlighting key features to creating ambiance, our team specializes in transforming your garden into a captivating nighttime retreat.

Beautifully illuminated garden in Dubai

Garden Lightning Services

Proper lighting can enhance the beauty of your landscape. Without illumination, even a masterpiece can lose its splendor in the evening. Landscape lighting can be utilized for architectural, functional, and decorative purposes. To create an elegant look that can emphasize the shape and attractiveness of every particular piece, architectural and decorative lighting are a perfect choice.

To make your territory safe during nighttime we use functional lighting. There are various other ways to illuminate your masterpiece. Alove Vera Landscaping is an expert in garden lightning, working in the field for 30 years. We can highlight special features, such as conversation areas, walkways, fountains, and more.

Types of Garden Lights:


  • Outdoor wall sconce downlight: Smooth, energy-efficient, and modernized scones can create a majesty around the walls of your landscape.
  • Planter torch: Installed in your plants, these are a great addition for outdoor setups and parties. It provides stunning decor around your garden.
  • Post lantern set: Add a traditional touch to your commercial and residential garden by adding a post lantern standing tall around the area.
  • Outdoor hanging pendant: The grandeur of a garden can be enhanced by the right kind of outdoor illumination. Give it a contemporary touch with pendant lighting.
  • Rope lightening: Little tinny fairies can make the whole area sparkle. Get various kinds of rope lighting installed in your landscape to turn it into a fairyland.
  • Spike lights: It creates a cheerful beam that will turn the nights into days. Install spike lights for security and safety purposes. Underwater light Fountain and swimming pool

Working Process

Starting a garden is one of the most rewarding things one can do. Whether you’re planting fragrant florals or starting a vegetable garden, anyone can benefit from getting their hands a little dirty. But it can be difficult to know where to start. Our steps ease you into gardening and reward you for your efforts with beautiful visuals.

  • 1.Consultation
  • 2.Design & Work
  • 3.Complete & Maintenance

Do you want to plant a vegetable garden? An herb garden? A flower garden? If you choose vegetables and/or herbs for their contributions to your dinner table, identify which ones your family will eat or is willing to try. If you want flowers for their flair, color, and fragrance, decide whether you want annuals that bloom most of the summer but need to be replanted each spring or perennials that have a shorter bloom time but return year after year.

Services Features:

AV Landscaping LLC provides innovative landscape lighting solutions in Dubai and the UAE. Our experts design lighting to showcase your residential or commercial garden’s best qualities perfectly. Proper illumination & lighting can make your garden look beautiful at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lighting enhances nighttime beauty, improves security, and extends your usable outdoor space.
Solar-powered lights, low-voltage path lights, uplighting for trees, and underwater pool lights are all popular options.
Basic installations might be possible. However, electrical expertise is recommended for safety and to ensure proper functionality.
Consider your budget, desired ambiance, functionality (security, highlighting features), and energy efficiency (solar options).

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